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GOOGLE selects TRADITION NOTICE SERVICES as a top Lien Service

By June 30, 2013No Comments

On three different days this week, I confirmed that a site redesign and one year of search engine optomization (SEO) work to get TRADITION NOTICE SERVICES onto the first page of results when someone types in the keyterm “lien service” on GOOGLE finally paid off. At the bottom of page 1 is TRADITION NOTICE SERVICES. Only two other companies that appear above our listing are true competitors for doing construction lien notices. The other companies specialize exclusively in HOA or automobile liens.

Everyone has an opinion as to how to get GOOGLE to recognize your company with a first page listing. For us, we try to share our knowledge and experience recording liens at the local level, whether it is in City Of Virginia Beach in VIRGINIA, or Carteret County in NORTH CAROLINA. GOOGLE measures content and relevance. They don’t measure how many customers you have, what neat things your company does for team building, or what you think about your competitors.

TRADITION NOTICE SERVICES is not the largest lien service in the U.S., as we turn down accepting contracts half the time for every new business phone call we take. The lien situations are just too muddy (lack of contractor’s license, past deadlines, missing 1st notices, etc…). But we do feel we are the best lien service, giving our customers great service, honest and professional communication, and very reasonable fees.

Now if I could only figure out how to replicate our success with GOOLGE on BING and YAHOO.