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Company name change reflects its a GOOGLE dominated world

By February 6, 2014No Comments

I am all for free enterprise, opportunity, and the right to enjoy the freedom to run your business as you see fit. At times however external business powers force your hand. You either change or adapt, or die as a business.

TRADITION NOTICE SERVICES is changing its name to TRADITION LIEN SERVICE. This is strictly in reaction to how GOOGLE ranks its results for web searches. A company that might strictly do automobile liens in the beautiful, but sparsely populated Del Norte County, CA, say BOB’S LIEN SERVICE, would potentially rank hire nationally when someone types in the word “Lien Service” even though TRADITION NOTICE SERVICES is a national lien service company for U.S. construction contractors and suppliers and BOB’S LIEN SERVICE is only interested in doing business in Del Norte County.

SEO (Search Engine Optomization) is a daily battle successful companies undertake against competitors and the three major search engines (BING,GOOGLE,YAHOO). In the big picture, our company does more than liens, as it does Bond Claims, Stop Notices, and for our customers free Conditional and Unconditional Waivers. I do feel the new word “lien” as part of our new company name potentially restricts the breadth of services we offer. But we live in a world where GOOGLE is the 800 pound gorilla. I am now playing nice with them.

Craig Altman
Founder \ President