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Recording a AL Statement of Lien in Winston County

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A national manufacturer and installer of retail mall and storefront signs asked TRADITION LIEN SERVICE to record a ALABAMA Statement of Lien on a shopping center located in Haleyville, AL within Winston County. According to Wikipedia, Winston County is named in honor of John A. Winston, the fifteenth Governor of Alabama.

ALABAMA Code § 35-11-213 mandates that a notarized ALABAMA Statement Of Lien can be recorded at any time up to four (4) months (Subcontractors) or six (6) months (General/Prime Contractors) after the last day providing equipment, labor, materials or services for a private Commercial project. Record at the County Probate Judge’s office where a project was located. Cost to record a lien with the Winston County Probate Judge is $4 for a 1-page document. The office does accept out of state business checks. Make the check out to PROBATE JUDGE. Include a self addressed stamped envelope.

Turn around time to record is 1-2 business days. Recorded liens and releases will be returned with one week.

Once a ALABAMA Statement of Lien is recorded, as claimant you must initiate a lawsuit to foreclose on the recorded lien within six (6) months from the date the unpaid debt was due.