Subcontractors proactively sending a 1st notice put the General/Prime Contractor on notice that state lien laws will be used on a timely basis to collect on overdue invoices.

Want to start getting paid faster? Sending out 1st notices, whether a state requires them or not, produces timely payments to your company while other Subcontractors wait for payment.

Are you a Subcontractor in Western US states like AK AZ, CA, NV, OR, or WA? Unless you want to roll the dice, lien laws in these states require Subcontractors to send 1st notices anywhere from eight (8) to sixty (60) days of first providing equipment, labor, materials or services for a project.

If you are a Subcontractor doing business in TEXAS, the complex steps leading up to a lien must be followed rigidly by the 15th of each month when an invoice payment is outstanding. Skip any of these steps, and you most likely will not collect on any recorded lien.

Other Midwestern states like MI, MN, OH and WI have 1st notice laws on the books. General/Prime Contractors have their own required 1st notices in MN and WI.

Finally, several states in the Southeast, including AL, FL, GA, and NC require 1st notices be delivered to Property Owners by Subcontractors. The money you think you saved by not sending a notice, or sending a notice that does not have the proper legal language required, will void your future lien of any amount.

In summary, even if a state is not mentioned above for requiring a 1st notice, your efforts to collect on invoices will be greatly enhanced by a commitment to work with TRADITION LIEN SERVICE to send out 1st notices on all projects.

To get started, print out, complete and scan/email or FAX our Customer Agreement. Or, call us today for a free 5-minute consultation. You will benefit right away from our urgency to help you.

Each 1st notice is $24 each (prepaid)

1. Verification of the Property Owner’s legal address.
2. Verification of the legal parties addresses (Customer, General/Prime Contractor, Lender, Surety).
3. USPS Signature Confirmation mail to the Property Owner and USPS First Class mail to all additional the legal parties (Customer, General/Prime Contractor, Lender, Surety).
4. Hard copies and PDF files of all documents given to you.
5. CALIFORNIA prices are $31 (two (2) legal parties) or $38 (three (3) legal parties) per notice due to additional required USPS certified mail requirements.